the man

Jay Williams is a multi-talented television personality, motivational speaker and businessman. In today’s world of information overload and superficial reactions, Jay has a unique ability to connect with people and to cut through to the heart of issues that truly matter. Jay is also considered one of most prolific college basketball players in history and was the second pick in the 2002 NBA draft. While a motorcycle accident pivoted his promising NBA career, Jay sees the adversity as a blessing in disguise that taught him how to thrive and how to inspire others. Jay now applies his positivity and signature personality to broadcasting, business, and beyond.

when people ask "what do you do?"
i answer, "whatever it takes."

Life is not an accident

a memoir of reinvention

This big-hearted memoir by the most promising professional basketball player of his generation details his rise to NBA stardom, the terrible accident that ended his career and plunged him into a life-altering depression, and how he ultimately found his way out of the darkness.

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Life Is Not An Accident